Berry-Miller Cemetery Genealogy Hedgecoe-McKenna Keffer-Diceman Update

May 1st, Um…

Topic: My mental issues with being live by next week!
Family Name Associations: Blincoe, McKenna, Durnell and Tillery… All of them. This is honestly just a huge rant. LOL
Location: Barrie, we were in Aurora earlier but we’re back!
Mood: In love 🙂
Music: I’m watching Twilight. Edward and Bella make me happy.

I don’t know. Geez, I say that waaaay too much. We have issues. When we imported the Keffer tree from Legacy it came in with errors, to the point where we’ve entered the McKennas-Hedgecoe/Hitchcock, Bentley, Walker, and then the Miller, Berry Durnell… Everything else… LOL Geez if this doesn’t’ make sense blame Mark for deciding I needed to blog.
We’ve entered everything else but the Babcock tree – Which I’m debating about all on it’s own… By hand. It was a stupid amount of work. And irritating because hey, we’d done all this once, right? But the amount of crap in the conversion wasn’t worth the fixing up… Nevermind accidental importing of live people, and missing of others! Argh.

So we either enter everything again, or go through the trees trying to fix them. Bah…
And then… Adding the Babcocks to a separate tree might not make the most sense because we know they’re connected a few times to the Keffers – mostly through the Snider family. And adding trees together is a nightmare all of it’s own…
Double bah.

The biggest point to all of this is we don’t want to make more work for ourselves, we just want to do it all right, with minimal issues and no problems in the future. We’ve waited this long to do the website because we sort of wanted technology to catch up with what we wanted. I mean even after decided on the site it’s taken us a year to perfect the concept.
After spending all this time linking documents and adding photos and just working on all this. We want it to look and work right, and display these families with the dignity they deserve.
And really this has just been so much work for so long… We want other people to be able to look at what we’ve done and take what they need from it. We want it to be… Right. I don’t know there’s a description that fits it beyond that. We’ve put time, money, ages of effort into making it right… Finding the truth and putting it all where everyone can reach it. And we’re so close to our goal, it’s right within reach… But the technology needs to be with us on this, and right now I feel like it’s not. But then, I’m a sap watching Twilight with Jake and might just be whining tonight 😉

On top of tree issues, there’s questions we can’t find answers for. And we’ve been doing this long enough to know there are some answers you just can’t have, but damned if some of these aren’t right within our reach and aren’t coming up…

Blincoe… Mary Ann Bentley married William Henry Blincoe in 1901. And that puts her as a child for Selina Young and Stephen Bentley, but we’ve got no proof beyond records about them once they’re married… And his signatures on supporting documents involving them with the family. Where is the link?

McKenna… Grrrrr… The Hockey Hall of Fame irritates me. So we’re like, inches away from nailing James HenryMcKenna as the Goalie for the Montreal Shamrocks in 1899 and 1900. We know it’s supposed to be that way, but pictures, information supporting it would be… Right. Of course we’re no closer to securing a 1900 photo collage with his name on it. The other option is going to the hall of fame and asking for his name on the cup, LOL I’m sure they’ll be glad to hand that over for us to examine…
I’ve linked the crappy copy of it. It’s so close, and of course we’ve got to inform Wikipedia of it all… It’s right within reach.

I’m handing Pamelia Lequyer Ladoucier over to Kev… LOL Seriously she’s making me mental. We know she’s here somewhere, near by… And no grave. There has to be a grave… 1918, near here. We’ll find her.

I should stop complaining, LOL and finish our movie and get back to loading trees and linking documents.
Does it matter if everything isn’t loaded by May 1? I don’t know anymore… Tonight isn’t the time to be making the decision.
Group meeting! What’s everyone doing Friday??? Maybe we should vote on going public… All in favour for May 1 come high water or something else?

Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. Métis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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