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Happy Shamrock Day!

Topic: The Missing McKennas
Family Name Associations: McKenna, O’Neill, Sexton, Cracknell
Location: Barrie, Ontario – But I’m thinking about being in Montreal today… If only to solve the mysteries!
Mood: Cheerful and Sappy
Music: Who Wants to Live Forever – Dune

Well wishes and pots of gold to all of you this fine morning!

A little update, and some general whining from my end… Massive accomplishments, really, with the McKenna lines in Montreal. Oh and we’ve had some success with possibly getting our host to cooperate… Man, I hate Linux, I hate the whole bloody thing… But if we actually get somewhere with the host – It might be possible to publish our site sometime this year. LOL We’ve been having such a hard time with getting all this publish, but I know the rest of the team knows where I’m at.
We don’t want to put up anything half done… But at this point, it might have to happen.

We’re trying to divide our time between research, feild work and website design… And it’s a hard bloody task, with only vague mention that learning new programs is complicated too. And loosing Gran this past October really put a wrench in things for me personally, because it was hard to get back to all of this. Not to mention we all have businesses, jobs, kids and life to deal with… LOL I’m really on a rant today.
ANYWAYS… I’m looking forward to publishing, but I’m not going to push it. After all this has been in the works since ’98, right??? LOL When we were in Maple talking about all the things we were going to do in the graveyard of the old church there…
Poor Dad is still trying to hide those old trunks in the basement. I will get them… Sooner or later, he’ll have no choice!!! Then they will all be mine, whale bone corsets included! Mwuahaha!

Alright… So onto my McKenna rant.
We’ve had some exceptional luck, and some really poor luck. Amazingly, it’s the later records we’re having no trouble with and the later ones, specifically in regards to Clement and Charles that we’re pulling our hair out over.
We know Clement died in 1963 and Charles died in 1944… Staunch Irish Catholics… But damned if there’s a record available. I’m thinking about looking into outside help. Perhaps cousin Marilyn… Maybe looking for someone to help out on Random Acts…
The point of finding the records?
We ‘think’ (Well, I know, but I always KNOW!) Charles married a nice girl named Ann Cracknell. She converted for him too, we have her baptism. Ann is actually Hannah, of the Ontario Cracknells Arthur and Evelyn… But, I’m getting ahead of myself… Mark asked me last night, what’s the point? Why are you pushing this???
Not that I’m not normally obsessive, but I’m stuck on these two.

I want to know if the name survived from our line.
I’ve got a few connections to make, some questions to ask of my own family… But from what I understand… The line, the name, it doesn’t continue with us. That’s my drive… I’d like to know that it is carried on by someone from our side…
It’s such a name… McKenna, with such a heritage, and Bridget O’Neill’s determination… I’d like to know it doesn’t end. But then, I guess the whole reason we’re working on this like we are, is to preserve the heritage… So our kids will know. So all the lost cousins we’ll know we’re here, and know how to find out about their pasts, their people.

Ah, green beer makes me sentimental.
We’ll raise a pint tonight, for McKenna’s and O’Neills alike… And we’ll find those missing links, it’s what we do! LOL And my Aidan just came in step dancing…
It’s a good day… And there’s time to figure it all out. We’ll get ‘er done!

Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. M├ętis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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