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Durnell, Darnall, Darnell, Dernel… I could go on. The Durnell Cemetery.

Topic: The miss spellings of one name. The Durnell Cemetery in Weaubleau, Hickory, Missouri, USA on Find-A-Grave
Family Name Associations: Durnell, and all it’s variations. Brown, Gibson, Howlett, Frasher and so on…
Location: Barrie, Ontario
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Well… This has been a super, super productive day in regards to locating a pile of imformation in the form of graves in the Durnell Cemetery in Weaubleau, Missouri. There have been some surprises, some added questions, a little sadness… But all in all it’s been a great addition to our records. We have a memorial now for Nicholas Monroe Durnell, and a lot of answers about his family – Although we do have some pretty complete census records there… Just fleshing out the branches here, there’s a ton, and I mean a ton of American history involved, once it’s all on the site (Hahaha) It’ll really give a very good look at this family.

What I really think we’re going to focus on with this line is inching backwards… I really feel that this is going to be one of our furthest reaching historical lines yet. I mean, when you say ‘I can trace my family back to the 1600s’ it sounds cool… But when you CAN trace your family back to the 1600s… The power in the papers, the trails upon trails of where people have been, what they’ve done, that’s huge.
And of course, it all adds places to our ‘Have to be there!’ list.

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