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Information pertaining to the Baker – Dorng Family Tree.

Annnd I’m off!

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Update and a bout of much needed Retail Therapy… Family Name Associations: MacD… iar… maid? Lo [...]


Posting Member: Jake Topic: Break-through-ish Family Name Associations: McDiarmaid, Grant, Baker Location: On the Couch Mood: Excited Music: [...]

Blessed Name of Peter!

Posting Member: Jake Topic: How Many Peters Can there be? Family Name Associations: McKenna, Bandes, Dorng/Doring Location: Barrie, On Mood: [...]

Broken notes.

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Everything!  And broken notes. Family Name Associations: O’Neill, Clement, McKenna…  O’Neill [...]


Posting Member: Jake Topic: Updates Family Name Associations: All of them Location: Sitting on a dead cow a.k.a. the couch Music: Black Eyed [...]

Jake vs. McKenna and O’Neill

Posting Member: Jake Topic: Research Family Name Associations: McKenna and O’Neill Location: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Chicago, Il Mood: Bl [...]

Rest in Peace.

In loving memory of Barbara Ann Dorng Baker. 1941-2010 [...]

Home again home again…

Topic: An update from home. Family Name Associations: Keffer, McKenna, Walker/Bentley, McKenna & Bandes through Chicago… Location: [...]

The Night before Keffer-Fest!

Topic: The night before Keffer-Fest Family Name Associations: Keffer 😉 Lequyer and McKenna… Baker, MacDairmaid, Cox. Location: Barr [...]

Paying Our Due!

Topic: Paying our Due Family Name Associations: Hedgecoe, McKenna, Carthy, Miller, Berry… There’s more, but that’ll have t [...]
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