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Additional notes.

Just some extra information I’ve come across this afternoon…  So I don’t lose all this, and for Jake to review 🙂
Oh, and a bounced back e-mail on my attempt at contacting the original poster of the information about Notre Dame.  This was the link:

So far, I’ve only been able to confirm these people in that plot – Using a generic ‘Neil’ search tag:

Name: Christina O Neill
Date buried: 06/07/1936
Section: D   Lot: 00006G

Name: Elizabeth O Neill
Date buried: 07/07/1933
Section: D   Lot: 00006G

Name: Frank O Neill
Date buried: 22/04/1986
Section: D   Lot: 00006G
Spouse: Mac Rae Katherine

Name: Henry O Neill
Date buried: 06/02/1899
Section: D   Lot: 00006G

Name: Henry O Neill
Date buried: 13/06/1922
Section: D   Lot: 00006G

Name: Hugh O Neill
Date buried: 12/07/1890
Section: D   Lot: 00006G

Name: James Patrick O Neill
Date buried: 11/03/1986
Section: D   Lot: 00006G
Spouse: Anderson Evelyn

Name: John Henry O Neill
Date buried: 12/10/1956
Section: D   Lot: 00006G

Name: John O Neil
Date buried: 04/06/1955
Section: D   Lot: 00006G

Name: Margaret O Neill
Date buried: 10/09/1878
Section: D   Lot: 00006G

A bit of a guess…  But given the ages of all of these people, I’m going to say, Thomas might be a brother to Catherine (Edward McCormack) and Hugh and Patrick of Westmeath, Ireland.  I did find this website as well, but can’t figure out how we’d fit into any of it.  I was so disappointed they had their own listed Thomas being born in 1796.

Given Catherine’s age from the message board information I did a search and found a record for Catherine O’Neill, widow of Edward McCormick in 1874 and buried in Notre Dame but the record is almost completely illegible.  It might say the 7 May 1874 for a death date.  Maybe 1774, or 1777 for a burial number.

We also came up with this generic death record for Edward McCormack, but Notre Dame hasn’t had a successful match for a burial plot yet to confirm or deny.

I’ll add more later if I find anything!

9:30pm note:
Marrakesh took a look at everything with me Jake – He’s suggesting that between the website above, and the information on those gravestones that Catherine is a sibling of that Thomas, Patrick, James, Henry, Hugh, and John.  Danielle suggested that Catherine’s parents names were Elizabeth Finn and Richard Neill.  Mar thinks that if Catherine is related to our Thomas, they’re likely first cousins.
That means we’re looking for records in Ireland again…  Probably looking for parents of Richard Neill (Or O’Neill) and a brother with a son named Thomas also born in 1796.
And you thought the Scots were complicated, HA!
OH!  And we really need to try and find a marriage record for Catherine O’Neill and Edward McCormick if we can – If it’s a Quebec record, which I hope it is, it’ll have parent name confirmation on it.
AND I went through Lachine trying to place any other O’Neills that could be ours there, traced an Owen and a William all the way back as far as I could, but didn’t find anything valid that made any sense.
I did find a marriage record for the Thomas O’Neill and Margaret Byrne’s daughter Ann, who married a nice young man named John Doherty and is apparently buried in Notre Dame, saved the 1847 record but it’s relatively useless to us unless we can prove a connection.
😀  Having fun yet?!

Update… at 10:40.
Finally found a census.  1871 Catherine is living with a family named Nash and is 72 years old.  After further looking about, Ann McCormick married David Nash.  She was born about 1839 in Ireland, which means Catherine and Edward were likely married in Ireland…   Wedding record for Ann and David Nash quotes Catherine O’Neill and Edward McCormick are from Westmeath County, Ireland.

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