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Annnd I’m off!

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Update and a bout of much needed Retail Therapy… Family Name Associations: MacD… iar… maid? Lo [...]

The Night before Keffer-Fest!

Topic: The night before Keffer-Fest Family Name Associations: Keffer 😉 Lequyer and McKenna… Baker, MacDairmaid, Cox. Location: Barr [...]

What a day! :)

Topic: It’s 9:47… I’m beat and I can’t go to bed for hours. But what a day! Family Name Associations: Lequyer, St. V [...]

Working like Madness.

Topic: Mass insanity. Family Name Associations: Lequyer, Durnell, McDairmaid, Location: Barrie for me… Jules and Kev are in Washago ge [...]
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