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Paying Our Due!

Topic: Paying our Due Family Name Associations: Hedgecoe, McKenna, Carthy, Miller, Berry… There’s more, but that’ll have t [...]

Blogging on the Run

Topic: Blogging on the Run Family Name Associations: Diceman, Keffer, McKenna, Hedgecoe Location: Southern Ontario Mood: Excited 😀 So, to [...]

Huge Updates – Boxall, Graham, Reeson, Rayner, Troop Line!

Topic: I need sleep… Family Name Associations: Boxall, Graham, Rayner, Troop, Reeson – Side note on Miller, Hedgecoe and McKenna [...]

To those of you who are wondering… We didn’t fall off the side of the Earth in our explorations.

Topic: Update – And Death Notice… Family Name Associations: McKenna, Hedgecoe Location: Barrie, Ontario Mood: At Peace Music: Ti [...]
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