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It’s been a long time since I reared my head in here and provided y’all with an update.  Poor Jenn’s been doing it all.  I just wanted to say thank you.
Thank you to everyone that has shared photos with us through the years.  We treasure them, and are linking them to their appropriate folks.  And they give me a chance to play with photo editors and make collages.

Baker-Dorng Ancestor Collage

Baker-Dorng Ancestor Collage

I also have to apologize.  With the amount of data and documents and great googledemoogeldies we deal with daily, we have let some acknowledgement slip through the cracks.  We have so many photos and have lost where we got them from.  We’re starting to re-load all the documents and there’s over 80k of them on the server.  This is going to take a while.  If you see a photo on the site, and you have not been credited, please don’t take that as a slight, it was not our intention.  Write us, let us know if you have donated, and we’ll make sure we apply credit where credit is due.

On an unrelated topic, my side of the great tree is a mess. LOL, but what else can be expected?  I was left without adult supervision.  I am currently going back through all the documents for the Baker/Dorng tree, renaming, purging duplicates…triplicate and egads pentuplicates!  Once that’s done it will be time to load.  And while I’m loading, I’ll also be adding people to the tree that I’ve missed.  I’m great at the researching, not so much at the organzing, much to Jenn’s chagrin.  I also have my Aunt Nancy’s info to get organized and up for adding the Bandes/McKenna line to the tree.  I’ve only been promising her for a year now.  Literally, since a year ago now I was getting back from Chicago with my Great Grandmother Dorng nee Agner’s Bible and a stack of papers from Nancy.

Ok, that’s my short little blurb for the decade (just kidding, I’ll have another update hopefully soon), I’m going to go back into my hole with the ghosts and ghouls where it’s dark and safe. LOL

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