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Sackville Name Meaning

A place in Normandy, now called Sauqueville, near the river Scie, in the department of the Lower Seine, about seven miles from Dieppe. Collins says, that the family were lords of the town and seigniory “long before the Conquest.” The name was variously written De Salchevilla, Salkavilla, Saccavilla, &c. According to genealogists, the first of the family in England was Herbrand de Salchevilla, who came in with the Conqueror, while his kinsman, Jourdain de S., was Sewer of England under the same monarch.
At the commencement of the XIII. century, another Jourdain de S. founded the collegiate church of Sauqueville, which remained ‘ une des plus belles de la contre ‘ until the year 1825, when it was pulled down by a neighbouring proprietor, who used its materials for building a cotton-mill. Cochet, Les Eglises de Dieppe (Egl. Rurales), p. 89, where a most interesting account of the church is given.
It is added: “At the sight of a profanation so awful, the good inhabitants of Sauqueville revolted against the demolishers. There was a riot; an armed force was obliged to interfere, and these sons of the Crusaders were sent to prison for resisting a legal order!” This act of Vandalism deprived both Norman and English antiquaries of what might be regarded as an historical monument, since its founder, Jourdain de Sauqueville, was one of the bravest defenders of King John and his Norman dependencies against the French. A railway now traverses the desecrated churchyard of Sauqueville.

Family Motto: ‘Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense’ (Shame on the one who thinks evil of it)

‘Aut Nunquam Tentes Aut Perfice’ (Do it perfectly or do not attempt it at all)

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