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Title-GrantEach family connects hundreds of people to form an intricate pattern of ancestors and descendants.  Our origins span the world, our families come from all religions and ways of life.  The common thread of Heraldry links many cultures and establishes the foundations of a Surname before words were a common understanding and images demonstrated a basic understanding to the populace.

This page represents the following Surnames: Grant.

Heraldry for every family is represented on each page as it has become available through out our research, as a tribute to the historical and evolutionary process that each family has survived. Name definitions are provided for each family as we find a connection to them, through intermarriage or discovery. Scottish, English and Irish families are represented with tartans, badges and other memorabilia as it becomes available to us. We’ve worked very hard at finding the most accurate and appropriate connections for each surname, if you see an error or have more information to add, please contact us via e-mail at CSGS@SnowStones.com.


Grant Name Meaning

A medieval nickname applied to a large person, or a distinguishing name for the senior, more important of two or more people with the same name. (in both cases from Anglo-Norman graund, graunt ‘Large, tall’, from Old French grand, grant). From the Old English personnal name Granta.
Also associated with Grand, Grantham and Grantown.

Grant Name Meaning and History

English and (especially) Scottish (of Norman origin), and French: nickname from Anglo-Norman French graund, graunt ‘tall’, ‘large’ (Old French grand, grant, from Latin grandis), given either to a person of remarkable size, or else in a relative way to distinguish two bearers of the same personal name, often representatives of different generations within the same family.

English and Scottish: from a medieval personal name, probably a survival into Middle English of the Old English byname Granta (see Grantham).
Probably a respelling of German Grandt or Grand.

Grantham Name Meaning and History

English: habitational name from Grantham in Lincolnshire, of uncertain origin. The final element is Old English ham ‘homestead’; the first may be Old English grand ‘gravel’ or perhaps a personal name Granta, which probably originated as a byname meaning ‘snarler’. See also Graham.

Graham Name Meaning and History

Scottish and English: habitational name from Grantham in Lincolnshire, recorded in Domesday Book as Graham (as well as Grantham, Grandham, and Granham).

Grandt Name Meaning and History

German: topographic name for someone who lived in a gravelly area, from Middle Low German grand ‘coarse gravel’.

Grand Name Meaning and History

French and English (East Anglia): variant of Grant.
German: topographic name for someone who lived in a gravelly area, from Middle Low German grand ‘coarse gravel’.

German: nickname from a southern word of uncertain origin meaning ‘frustration’, ‘anger’, ‘ire’.
Danish: nickname from grand ‘pure’.


Family Motto: ‘Stand Fast’

Family Crest:   Coat of Arms

Clan Badge:   Clan

Grant Family Tartan:


Grant Family Tartan


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