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Ancestry Releases Alberta Homesteader Records

As a descendant of these homesteaders, I was very excited to find out that Ancestry had released some of the records.  I couldn’t find my great grandfather’s land grants yet, but I’ll keep digging.
The first record I searched from was James McDiarmaid.  I was hoping to get my great grandfather in Poplar Creek, AB but instead got his son in Entwistle, Ab.  Entwistle later split into 2 towns and our land was eventually designated as being in Evansburg.

The record that came up first was a from 1916.
1917-Alberta Homestead - McDiarmaid James

There were several pages of information on the transfer of the land from his brother John (who I remember from when I was really little) and James.  John first acquired the land between 1904-1907.  I’m going to keep digging through and see what other fun little gems I can find.

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