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Google Maps – The Struggle

Google Maps are currently down on the site because google in their infinite wisdom as the overlords of everything internet (until Amazon usu [...]

Photos Thanks and small Update

It’s been a long time since I reared my head in here and provided y’all with an update.  Poor Jenn’s been doing it all.  [...]

Sugar! Hitchcocks and a long overdue update.

Well.  In finally renewing our Ancestry subscription and trying to dip our toes into the pond of getting started on updating some of these [...]


Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Update and Upgrades Family Name Associations: All Location: Home Mood: Excited! Music: Sam Smith – Lay [...]


Posting Member: Jake Topic: Success! Family Name Associations: Every single one of them. Location: Parked in front of the television. Moo [...]

Movin’ Skeletongen.com today, maybe tomorrow too depending on how it goes!

Posting Member: Jenn – But in all honestly, Mark is telling me what to say! Topic: Skeletongen.com is down while we move it to the oth [...]

Website down for a few days…

We know the site is ‘parked’ right now – We’re trying to decide if we can venture out with a new host or not – [...]

1921 Canada Census

Posting Member: Jake Topic: 1921 Canada Census Family Name Associations: Grant, McDiarmaid, and all other Canadian Families Location: In the [...]

Update and Family

Posting Member: Jake Topic: Update Family Name Associations: Barnett, Thompson, Graves etc. Location: 2nd star to the right, and straight on [...]


Posting Member: Jake Topic: Update-ish Family Name Associations: Hume, Berry Location: Lost in the Ethos Mood: Achy Music: Silence It’ [...]
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