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Graving, Cemetery transcriptions, information and photographs based on where we’ve been and what we’re up to.

British Home Children Park Lawn Monument

British Home Children Advocacy and Research Association in a cooperative effort with Orphan Boy Films have created a memorial for 75 British [...]

Elizabeth Caroline ‘Lizzie’ Masters Ascher

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Heroes Family Name Associations: Unrelated – Masters and Ascher, also spelled Asher While we were in Ni [...]

Niagara Graves of British Home Children from Our Western Home

Posting Member:  Jenn Topic: Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, BHC, British Home Children, Our Western Home Location: From Niagara to H [...]


Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Moving stuff around, uploading to FindAGrave, Niagara, and the case of the unknown McDowell Family Name Assoc [...] Copyright Violation Complaint

Posting Member: Jenn.  Mark’s in on this, but I’m writing. Topic: Copyright Violation Complaint. Mood:  Not blo [...]

The awesome people of Weaubleau, Missouri.

Posting Member: Jenn & Jake Topic: Poe Baker Hartley Stone Cemetery in Weaubleau, Hickory County, Missouri, Geocode and Website, Broken [...]

Wall-e and Gravin’ and AKWARD issues.

Posting Member: Jenn, Jake & Markus Topic: Gravin’, Wall-e, and an ISSUE with Family Name Associations: Alliston [...]

With love from Scotland xxx

Posting Member: Jenn for LA & Rich Topic: Scotland – Land of sinking stones. Family Name Associations: Barr, McBirde, Gray, Rice, [...]

More hours in a day…

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: British Home Children, School, Find A Grave Family Name Associations: – Location: Home Mood: Sleepy still, [...]

A Family Reunion of Sorts – Not Our Family Though

Posting Member:  Jake Topic:  Photo Shoot Location: Barrie, Ontario Mood: Flubberflooberghasticated Music: Beautiful by Apocalyptica So, t [...]
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