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"If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton,
you may as well make it dance."
- George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

Our Mission:
To boldly go where no one has gone before!
Or at least, places where people haven't been in a good long while.

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There's always been the question...  'Where did we come from?'
The Closet Skeleton Genealogical Society was formed when we sought answers to that one tiny question.  What began in mild innocence quickly evolved into a challenge that has gathered people from all walks of life to seek the answer.  Before the internet was really established, it was long talks with our elders, notes and hours of library and cemetery research.  Hit and miss, we collected what we could.  But with technology opening so many new doors, we find ourselves standing at the brink of such potential...  And so here we are, ready to learn all there is to learn.

The point of our research has always been to find out who came before, where they are now, and despite religion, ethnicity or lack of moral judgment;  To record the truth and celebrate finding it. We do not charge fees to share our discoveries, and will post sources and paperwork that's free and openly shared.

We chose this name because no one this far down the tree doesn't have a story or two, a few confused cousins, or a small off call with which sides of the blankets were which.  There's nothing to be ashamed of in knowing where you come from, no matter what the story.  Living builds character.  We like character.  We have a whole lot of character ourselves!

To protect the well being of our families, we've focused on historical research - in other words, the lives of the deceased - verses the living.  We request respect from all who work with us on this matter.
No living information will be posted or officially discussed by Society members in any public forum that may be quoted, and requests of this nature will not receive a response.  Personal information posted on Social Networking sites is not involved in our research, and as such is the private property of the individuals who support our work.  The living has a right to their privacy and we respect that in everyone...  Please be sensitive to our members and grant them that same respect.  We do need to mention that articles and obituaries, as well as other items posted as public record will be present in our research, and we intend no disrespect to the living in doing so.

We each have a huge passion for learning, have found joy in sharing, and have so much hope for the future.  We respect those we study, and strive to record their lives for the generations who come after us. It's our full intention to share the knowledge we gather, to bring the pleasure of history to those that can't, haven't, or don't want to go do all the hard work themselves.  One thing we've learned is that genealogy is personal, and it's for everyone.  Everyone is entitled to know where they come from, if they seek the answers.

We hope you enjoy our site, challenge our research, add to the branches of brambles that make up our tree, and ultimately enjoy yourself.  If we've missed something or you have something you'd like to contribute or you just want to contact us and say hello, will direct your inquiry.  We look forward to hearing form you!

Be well,

The Closet Skeleton Genealogical Society
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